Nginx and PHP FPM Monitoring tool

Some time ago, after a lot of research and reading on the subject, we decided to switch from Apache web server nginx. Since switching from one software to another is never easy after a few busy days, we managed to switch all servers to Nginx + PHP FPM combination. Initial tests we did before crossing and after were totally surprising by their results.

It is simply amazing how the combination of Nginx + PHP FPM load pages faster and uses much less server resources.

The only thing we lacked was the Apache’s full status. Nginx and PHP FPM have their status page, but they are not detailed as Apache’s. Also, we didn’t manage to find some nice web interface that will parse status data and present it, so we decided to write our small web interface.

We decided to share with all those who need our interface. All you have to do after downloading the config.php change the URL to the Apache and php fpm status page and that’s it.

Here is link to Github project where you can download it.



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