PHP 7 – Removing old style PHP constructors

In new PHP 7, old style PHP 4 constructors will be removed as you can see in this RFC Voting. This voting has started a huge discussion about it on this Sitepoint article and in the wider community. Generaly, I was tired that people were fighting over this small insignificant thing, so I spent an […]

Setup LiveReload on Fedora 21

LiveReload is a tool that applies your HTML, CSS and JavaScript changes to Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari without having to reload the page. With LiveReload, developers can avoid manually refreshing a page using Ctrl + R or F5. It also allow us to do some pre processing (like SASS or LESS compiling) before it […]

How to enable statistics in CSF Firewall on CentOS 6.6

CSF Firewall except being very cool firewall manager, has also a very nice statistics module. It can monitor load, cpu, memory, I/O load, network, email statistics (on Exim only) and MySQL. What is also great it is very easy to enable it. So let’s not waste any more time and do it. Installation First you […]

How To Install CSF Firewall on CentOS

Introduction Config Server Firewall (or CSF) is a free and advanced firewall for most Linux distributions. Except filtering packets – CSF includes other security features, such as login/intrusion/flood detections and server performance monitoring. CSF has it’s own UI, but it is also easily integrated into UI of cPanel, DirectAdmin and Webmin. CSF is able to […]

Nginx and PHP FPM Monitoring tool

Some time ago, after a lot of research and reading on the subject, we decided to switch from Apache web server nginx. Since switching from one software to another is never easy after a few busy days, we managed to switch all servers to Nginx + PHP FPM combination. Initial tests we did before crossing […]